'Love Songs' & Performing in my first ever professional show.

Over the last four weeks with Danish Dance Theatre I have been learning the infamous piece ‘Love Songs’ by Tim Rushton; a well-loved choreography, particularly with the Danish audience.

The work was first created in 2010 and has been toured worldwide since then; so it was an honour to learn this work. Of course, with such an adored piece, comes pressure. The choreography is precise and you need the stamina of a marathon runner as well as the muscles of an iron woman!
The four weeks went quickly…too quickly and before I knew it I was on the Baltoppen stage about to perform the premiere of Love Songs 2015.

I would normally say I sat nervously warming up behind the curtain, anticipating how many were in the audience, but this was an open stage so even my internally nervous yoga was watched. Thankfully, from the first words sung by Caroline Henderson I relaxed and absolutely reveled in the fact that I was performing in my first professional show!

To top all this, the last of our performances received a standing ovation from every single audience member, which made me beam with excitement (it’s never been more than all the performers mums and dads standing before through all those years getting this far – and you never know what they really think)! 
So, after three performances in Baltoppen we now have a week in the studio to revise ‘Men in Coats’ before heading to Germany and Switzerland for three weeks for eight more shows of ‘Love Songs’. 

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Glyn BucklerComment