The Germany & Switzerland Tour & What's Next.

A couple of weeks and the festive holidays post the Germany & Switzerland tour and I still can’t believe we are already on to the next piece and in the final stages of creating “Firebird’; or as the Danes say ‘Ildfuglen’. 
The Lovesong’s tour was a marathon, but in a good way! Three weeks, eight towns, two countries and many rehearsals, but it was a truly great first experience of touring.

The upbeat charisma of the ‘Lovesongs’ choreography is infectious, not only for us as dancers but it clearly transfers to the audience’s too as we received standing ovations in almost every town and had great reviews. We were also lucky enough to be joined on stage by Caroline Henderson, who brought a new energy to the final shows.

On a personal level, I felt myself grow so much during the tour and I was feeling more relaxed and comfortable on the stage with each performance. I felt so connected with the movements and the company; I truly miss performing the piece already.

I've just returned to Copenhagen after the festive break and its all system go on 'Firebird'.  We open in Copenhagen before touring it nationally around Denmark. It’s been really incredible to be in the studio during the initial creation process for this brand new piece; working directly with the dancers and Tim Rushton. I can’t wait to see it come together and premiere this fantastic piece. 

Some of the theatres from the Lovesongs tour.

Glyn Buckler