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Sorry for being M.I.A the past few weeks, I have been fully immersed in rehearsals for the premiere of ‘Firebird’ at Republique, Copenhagen, which then moved very swiftly on to our Danish Tour.

One of Danish Dance Theatre’s biggest events of the year, this tour sees 'Firebird' and 'Men in Coats' make its debut around the country and on to Germany and the Swedish borders.

Amongst all of this, I am immersed in the never ending audition process; so my bus journeys now consist of writing cover letters and pleading to the greats for the opportunity to dance with them!

However, all this searching has lead me to find some pretty remarkable companies and, related to them, some really jaw dropping videos. So I thought I would give you a little taste of what I’m loving right now, most of which I’m sure you are loving too. 

Firstly, Netherlands Dance Theatre are completely captivating me this year, more than ever, with both their first and second companies proving why they are regarded among the best in the world (as well as becoming my own personal daily inspiration).  In particular, the NDT2 new programme ‘Straight around’ shows an immense (joint-less) fluidity and flexibility in the dancers, with an artistic and charismatic energy that you long for in any contemporary dance conception. 

See beautiful joint-less bodies and artists here:

I have also absolutely loved the work of Örjan Andersson, a Sweden based contemporary dance choreographer, who makes work for varying contexts. Most recently, he collaborated with ‘Scottish Ensemble’ and a collective of dancers referred to as ‘Andersson Dance’ to produce ‘Goldberg Variations - Ternary Patterns for Insomnia 2015’, which premiered at Dansens Hus, Stockholm.

In all honesty, this piece just made me want to dance. I longed to be on stage with such talented dancers and musicians; who were utterly giving themselves to the movement, artistically poetically, physically and honestly. The collaboration between everyone on stage was in total harmony. I highly recommend checking out his work, as he is absolutely a choreographer to aspire to! 

Goldberg Variations, The Film:

These were my standout works for January, but I will be back with updated inspiration very soon as I already have a fast growing list of contemporary art for us all to feast our eyes on.

Lydia x

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