What to do in Copenhagen

The most non-dance related question I get asked about living in Copenhagen is 'what to do there?' This increasingly trendy city is a very attractive getaway destination so I thought I would give you my personal insights into the best of Copenhagen. 

•    Rent a bike! There’s a reason the streets are packed with them, it’s the most efficient and nicest way to get around the city. And it's flat!
•    Tivoli Park, its so much better than think it will be, it has places to eat, rides to ride and you feel like you’re in a Wes Anderson movie. 
•    Nyhavn-this is a must see! It’s famous multi-coloured buildings sitting pretty by the water make it just the loveliest place to mooch around and grab a coffee.
•    The boat ride, this is one of my favorite things, you can take it from Nyhavn and it takes you up to the mermaid, the Palace and Christiania. It’s cheap and worth it.
•    Christiania - a lovely little river island town of it's own, just over the footbridge from Copenhagen centre. It’s full of hippies, motorbikes and in the ‘Freetown’ it’s legal for you to buy and smoke weed; should you be so inclined. The architecture here was inspired by Amsterdam so it’s super pretty too!
•    Norrebro, Copenhagen’s trendy district, amazing for coffee and cool bars. In particular, check out Jægerborgade and Blågårdsgade for bars, cafes, independent clothes, food, plants and bookshops (and the ultimate vegan burger at ‘Astrid och Aporna’; whether you are meat free or not this will win your heart!)
•    Stroget, the main shopping street in Copenhagen so naturally the perfect place to get yourself some trendy scandi clothes but also the back streets are super-beautiful so a perfect place to wonder.
•    Torvehallerne, an indoor food market just off Norreport station. You can drink beer and eat delicious food from all over the world. I recommend Bahn Mí Daily and their Vietnamese baguettes. 
•    The Meat Packing District or Kødbyen, 5 minutes walk from central station is one of the best places for food! Bolly Food is the best Pakistani/Indian I have ever had and ‘Mother’, the best ever pizza. Also in the same area KB18, is one of Copenhagen’s best clubs and stay’s open until around 8am (most of the time). Also, for a real all American meat and beer feast, check out Warpigs. If you like really good quality craft beer then visit Fermentoren on Sønder Boulevard further beyond the Meat Packingang district - 'probably the best pub in Copenhagen!', to abuse a bad brewery's slogan :-) .

•    Døp, with their being 20 million pigs in Denmark - sausages or Pølser are huge things and you will find stalls selling them on every corner but keep an eye open for Døp, it’s the best!
•    Cocktails, check out Von Fressen on Vesterbro (which does a great brunch!) and Boutique Lize on Istegade for cheap happy hours and great cocktails
•    Copenhagen isn't much of a club place overall, however their bars are great and stay open really late. Many of them you can smoke in, which you will either love or hate!
•    Istegade, one end of it is rough and the other end is uber trendy so be sure to wonder to the right end or you might get a bit of a shock at the wrong time of day when it starts to fill up with working girls.

•    Generally Copenhagen is one of those places that if you wonder around you will find great things. Be sure to walk along the four lakes if it’s a nice day and mooch in some of the parks, find yourself a café and curl up under a blanket with hot cup of something and watch the trendy world go by.