Vive La Différence

I’ve been auditioning a lot lately, both for companies and projects, and I’m noticing a theme; a theme I am not in the least bit surprised about but one that’s been sticking it’s fingers in all the dancers pies since school - Adidas.

I don’t know about you but I longed for a pair of Adidas trackies or, heaven forbid, a full shell suit because there was a time when this is what all the ‘pros’ wore (and still do wear). But now we are all wearing them, all of the time, and I've come to realise that we are out of our shiny blue leotards and dance belts and into a whole new sweat inducing uniform.

Now, don’t get me wrong I own four pairs and love them greatly but in auditions stay clear of the Adidas! I’ll give you a few reasons as to why:
-       They smell, you might not of realized it yet but they do. You can get them straight out of the wash and not dance in them and within ten minutes they will smell (regardless of how obsessively clean you are) and no one wants to partner the sweaty Adidas. 
-       Everyone and their mum have them; especially on the streets in Copenhagen where they seem to be the number one fashion choice for humans age 3-67.
-       They make you incredibly hot. You’re thinking ‘great! My muscles will be so cosy and loose’, but when it comes to partner work you’ll be wishing you were in some breathable cotton lovelies. 
-       How does someone choose an individual they will love if we are all beginning to clone?
So my question is why, in dance, when we are constantly striving to be the most current, the most artistic and the most individually stand-out person the world has ever seen, do we all dress the same? Are those cheap ballet leotards of the past really to blame?

Maybe it’s time to listen to the advice I always dreaded when it comes to audition attire…colour. After all, we’re at the audition to work our arses off and sweat more than is socially acceptable and if colour is that extra shove in the direction of a job then I think I will give it a go, even if it is just my coloured Adidas (I’m kidding…ish). 


Glyn BucklerComment