Hatha, Rocket & Mandala Registered Yoga Teacher

I am a Register Yoga Teacher and professional dancer. I began her training withYoga Professionals in 2016 where she gained her initial qualification, a diploma in teaching yoga. Being a contemporary dancer, I was curious to learn people’s yogic journeys from all different walks of life, ages, physicality's & capabilities, consequently learning what it really means to teach yoga and share and encourage experiences. I furthered her studies with dynamic practices of The Rocket (50hrs) and Mandala Vinyasa & Shamanism (55hrs) with The Yoga People in 2017 and recently qualified as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher through Yoga London (85hrs).

I teach a vitalising & powerful practice that is dappled with functional movement and explorative sequencing. Believing, that the practice of yoga should not be about embodying an idealistic view of how it should look but rather connecting our conscious mind to a feeling. Additionally and possibly most importantly, representing the ethos that yoga can be fun and full of transient pleasure! I gives huge thanks to all of her teachers that inspired her curiosity in this practice.'


1:1 Classes tailored to your individual needs. Ideal for new beginners to build a foundation, experienced yogi's looking to advance in their physical practice & those dealing with injury.

1:1 & 1:2 Pregnancy Yoga classes

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